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One platform combining incentives, recognition and rewards to create a happier, more connected and more motivated workforce.


Drive performance and engagement

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Inspire behaviour
Motivate your sales and service teams with bespoke incentives
Reward performance
Share instant digital rewards with your top performers
You've been recognisedby Tanya Smith£20 reward!
Recognise brilliance
Celebrate success and key moments with recognition cards
Encourage feedback
Drive improvements through effortless two-way communication

Proven results with Rippl

Volvo’s most engaged region on their Rippl platform performed 30% higher in quarterly sales incentives compared to the less engaged regions.
Based on the evidence that the turnover rate for recognised and rewarded Asda employees is two-thirds less than the overall employee turnover rate, Asda could save up to £10 million per month.
Staff turnover for one retail Rippl customer improved by 22% when a colleague was recognised three or more times in a 12-month period, compared to receiving no recognition at all.


Maximise output with trackable goals

Motivate your frontline with enticing incentives to boost productivity. Foster an entrepreneurial spirit with challenging targets to involve employees at every level.

Create and share targeted goals with individuals or teams, whether they’re on the move or sat behind a desk. Use customisable league tables to allow employees to track progress.


Highlight daily wins and team triumphs

Recognise the great stuff going on in your organisation and the people making it happen with a celebratory e-card shared on the timeline. For those extra special moments, amplify recognition by adding reward.

A public display of appreciation creates a ripple of positivity spreading far and wide, creating a happier and loyal workforce.


Celebrate with meaningful rewards

Rippl’s instant digital vouchers take the hassle out of distributing reward at scale. There’s something for everyone with a catalogue of over 700 global brands.

Reinforce desired behaviour by allowing managers to celebrate key moments. Instantly reward incentive winners, top performers or long service achievers within set budgets.

Reach everyone

Connect your workforce
Employees without corporate emails/devices can also enjoy Rippl
Reach people on the move
Put engagement in people's pockets with a fully-branded dedicated mobile app
Keep everyone in the loop
With custom notifications for your latest news and key announcements
Streamline user access
Avoid dreaded multiple logins with easy single sign-on across Rippl

Problem? Solution.

Can’t reach deskless workers?
Mobile app with access for everyone.
Spreadsheet fatigue from incentives?
DIY incentives builder.
Difficult to distribute ad-hoc rewards?
Share instant digital rewards in a few clicks.
Inconsistent recognition across teams?
Centralised tool for global recognition.
Disengaged workforce with low morale?
Happy, engaged employees who give more.
Reliance on managers to communicate?
Reach and communicate directly to all.
Labour-intensive long-service recognition?
Automated long-service recognition.

Why choose us?

Our new ‘Cheers!’ app has made our employees feel more connected which has been particularly important since we had just gone into ‘Covid isolation’ when we launched it! Everything from invites for quiz evenings to pictures of pets and children’s drawings has reminded us that working for The Wine Society means being part of a bigger, and slightly sillier, family.
— Head of HR
Our Rippl ‘bp smile’ has always been an extremely effective way to communicate to our employees and now more than ever plays a vital role with keeping our frontline teams up to date with the latest news and vital information to enable them to do their role… We have been able to keep connected during really challenging times and capture all the amazing and wonderful things our people have been doing to play a huge part within their communities.
— Marketing Operations Lead
Rippl helps us to unite our teams from head office and our network of dealers. During the coronavirus crisis in particular, the platform is proving invaluable, enabling us to have open, transparent lines of communication across our network at all levels, mixing both business and more light-hearted comms so that everyone feels connected and informed, as well as boosting the morale of our hard-working people.
— Managing Director